November 6, Monday

5:30 pm - Book launch

Rousseau's Dilemmas: Human Nature, Politics and Gender in Perspective, by Marta Nunes da Costa (UFMS). Presentation of Prof. Dr. Helena Esser dos Reis (UFG)

18h30 - Opening of the Event. Exmo Rector Prof. Augusto Turine, Prof. Nalvo Franco de Almeida (Pro-Rector) and Prof. Dr. Márcia BortolocciEspejo

19h -21: 30 - Reasons, Passions, Utopias

1. Title to be defined. Prof. Dr. Jorge Álvarez Yagüez (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

2. "In search of the lost virtues? Reflections on the present and future of democracy ". Prof. Dr. Marta Nunes da Costa (UFMS)

November 7th, Monday

2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. - Work show under the line "Democratic Theories and Practices"

Academics of Philosophy: Maria Zélia, Leico, Márgaris, Francisco


16h - 18h30 - Panel "Democratic Theories and Practices"

1. An analysis of the crisis of the representativeness of Brazilian politics in an international perspective. Marcos Hanemann and José Eduardo Melo de Souza (law graduates, UFMS)

2. Challenges to the liberation of the state against the democratic representation. NikolaySteffens, Newcomer UFRGS.

3. Climate change as a decisive force in changing representative democracy. A perspective from the green political theory. Alberto José Franco Barrera. Post doctor. University of the Republic, Montevideo.

4. The Shadow Future of Democracy in the 21st Century: An Incursion in "Green Political Theory". Gabriel GuedesRossatti, Ph.D. in Human Sciences, UFSC.

6:30 p.m.- Interval

7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. - Democracy in question

1. "From the passion for equality to inequality: ruin of democracy". Prof. Dr. Helena Esser dos Reis (UFG)

2. "The impasses of democracy in an atomized society". Prof. Dr. Verlaine Freitas (UFMG)

November 8th, Monday

14h-15h30- Group of the Reading Group "Democracy and Civil Disobedience"

Academics Menssios Eloy Leoni, Raphael Silva, Matheus Quirino, TalitaTomazini, Marcos Glienke


16h-18h00 - Panel on "Democracy and Civil Disobedience"

1. People and democracy in Hegel. VerrahChamma. UNICAMP / UFAM.

2. Civil disobedience as coercion of illegitimate power. Vera Krastanov. Master's degree in Philosophy (Prof-Filo). UFMS.

3. Hacked Democracy: a philosophical approach to technopolitical challenges in contemporary times. Maísa Martorano Suarez Pardo. PhD student in Philosophy. State University of Campinas (UNICAMP)

4. Jordan Michel-Muniz, "Crowd, Popular Masses and Democracy". PhD Philosophy. PPFFIl - UFSC.

7:30 p.m. - Panel "Criticism of Capitalism"

1. "Neoliberalism: being is having." Prof. Dr. Stefan VasilevKrastanov (UFMS)

2. "Brazil, from 2002 to 2017 - Anatomy of a Coup". Ricardo Leite de Albuquerque. Master in Education. (UFMS)

3. "Is it possible, and how, to become the theocratic one from philosophy?" Dr. Amaro Fleck (UFLA)

9 of November. Thursday

14h-16h-Panel on "Democracy and the gender issue"

1. Historical aspects about the multiple faces of feminism: by a politics of difference. Adamo Antonioni da Silva Insfran, journalist, academic of Philosophy (UFMS) and master in Communication (UFMS).

2. "Promise, Forgiveness and Love: The Theological Origins of Hannah Arendt's Political Philosophy." Roseane Lôbo, PPGCS, Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro.

3. Hannah Arendt and a "right to have rights" without nature or history: an ontological-political perspective. Nuno Pereira Castanheira (Postdoctoral Researcher), PPGFil-UFRGS / Center of Philosophy, University of Lisbon.

16h30-18h30 - Panel on "Democratic Justice"

1. Justice, Democracy and Taxation: between considerations of efficiency and equity. Name of tenderer: Lilian Sendretti. PhD student in Political Science, FFLCH / USP.

2. "Basic income and the challenges of democratic justice in the advent of technology" Danilo Caretta, Substitute Professor UFMS.

3. Can utopia play any role in the Critical Theory of society? Raquel B. Cipriani Xavier. PhD student. PPGF / UFSC.

4. Social Shame and Critical Theory. Diana Piroli. PhD student PPGFIL / UFSC.

7pm - Women and Philosophy

1. History and Effectiveness in Foucault. Prof. Dr. Thelma Lessa da Fonseca (UFMS)

2. Gender inequality in the area of Philosophy in Brazil. Prof. Dr. Yara Frateschi (UNICAMP)

3. Title to be confirmed. Prof. Dr. Susana de Castro (UFRG)