Research Lines

Democratic Wheels

The purpose of this extension project is to bring to the various communities and districts of the city of Campo Grande the clarification on issues and central concepts of

'democracy' and to promote a critical debate that is reflected in the increase of individual and collective engagement in democratic life. To this end, we intend to organize several 'Democratic Wheels', to take place in community centers and / or schools in Campo Grande. Each 'Wheel' will have a specific theme, which will be chosen strategically (depending on the relevance to each community). Some of the themes are: Justice and Democracy; What is it to be the same ?; Democratic ideals - what they are and what they are for; Rights and duties; Violence against women; Citizenship and Human Rights; Violence in schools; The invisible - women, children and the elderly; School without party ?; Freedom and private property; (Religious intolerance; What is the secular state; Indigenous expropriation and primitive accumulation; Political representation and participation; Justice between Generations; among others. At a time when there seems to be a great polarization in Brazilian society about political ideologies, we deem it pertinent to frame some polemical themes within the horizon given by the history of political theory and philosophy, on the one hand, articulating it with the specific Brazilian reality, on the other. Thus, starting from the principle that democracy is always a political project under construction where 'equality of conditions' has to meet with the demand for a system of individual liberties, without forgetting the challenge of the distribution of wealth, we want to organize several 'democratic wheels' for the city of Campo Grande, in order to invite a critical reflection on our present situation.